Securing a mortgage in Ireland hinges significantly on your credit rating. A strong credit rating can not only determine your eligibility for a mortgage but also influence the interest rates and terms you receive. Improving your credit rating before applying for a mortgage can result in substantial savings over the life of your loan. Here’s a guide tailored for the Irish context on how to boost your credit rating effectively:

1. Understand Your Credit Rating 

Credit ratings are calculated in Ireland by the Central Credit Register (CCR). Several factors determine your credit rating:

  • The type of loans
  • The amount of the loans
  • The outstanding amount
  • Any missed payments

Checking your credit rating before engaging with a Broker or Bank isn’t always necessary. However, it can be worth looking into if you have any concerns over a previous loan or debt. Visit the CCR to apply for your credit report.

2. Check Your Credit Report for Errors

Mistakes in your credit report can harm your rating. You can have these mistakes corrected. Below are several examples of types or wrong data that might be on the report:

  • Incorrect personal information.
  • Accounts that don’t belong to you.
  • Inaccurate account statuses.
  • Duplicate accounts.

If you find errors, contact the CCR to dispute them immediately.

3. Pay Your Bills on Time

Your payment history is crucial. Late payments can significantly impact your rating. Set up direct debits or reminders to ensure timely payments of all bills, including utilities, loans, and credit cards.

4. Avoid Opening New Credit Accounts

Each new credit application results in an inquiry on your credit report, which can temporarily affect your rating. Avoid opening new accounts before applying for a mortgage to keep your credit profile stable.

5. Try Pay Off Your Car Loan

What banks want to see is if you can afford a mortgage. This isn’t just based on your income. They will factor in your financial commitments, outstanding loans and the amount of the proposed mortgage repayments. These elements combined provide lenders will the full picture of your borrowing capacity.



Improving or maintaining a good credit rating is crucial in preparing for a mortgage application in Ireland. By understanding your credit report, paying bills on time, reducing debt, and making strategic financial decisions, you can enhance your creditworthiness. Start early, stay diligent, and you’ll be better positioned to secure your dream home.

One final note: we know how the above sounds and we won’t lie… getting mortgage ready does require a bit of hard work. However, it will be so worth it in the end. If you don’t know where to start, get in touch with Smart Mortgages. We can give you a 6 months plan to get ready for your mortgage application.